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KARMA mobile applications

Protect animals and biodiversity by searching the web with your mobile

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5 good reasons to choose KARMA


Protect biodiversity and defend the animal cause

KARMA uses the revenues generated by your internet searches to support nonprofits fighting to protect animals and our planet

Learn and act!

Our Learn & Act newsfeed features resources to get informed and highlights concrete ways to take action: petitions, challenges, citizen science experiments...

Learn & Act
Climate change

Contribute to the fight against global warming

Protecting biodiversity and fighting factory farming are the most effective way to fight climate change as the two crisis are both sides of the same problem

Protect your personal data

No tracking of your searches queries, no advertising tracking, no selling of your personal data - KARMA respects your privacy.


Choose a simple and efficient
search engine!

KARMA uses the best algorithms to provide fast and accurate results. Try it!

Maximize your impact by installing KARMA on your computer too!

KARMA is also available as an extension for your browser or as an application on your mobile.

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