KARMA values your privacy

Respect for your privacy

No profiling, no retention of your search history

Your data is protected with KARMA

No sale of your data to third parties, ever!

KARMA respects your personal data and guides you to protect your privacy online

KARMA promotes the respect of biodiversity and by using KARMA you make a choice to act everyday to protect biodiversity. But you also want to benefit from a search engine that cares about your privacy.

But we want to warn you : no search engine can fully protect your data when you are browsing the web because

  • the websites that you visit can also share some of your data with third parties (Google or Facebook notably)
  • your browser can also collect some of your data independently of your searches on KARMA.

If you want to go further in the protection of your privacy, we give you below some ways to protect your personal data online.

1. Change your search engine

Download our Chrome extension so that every search you do counts and that Google cannot sell and use your searching data any longer.

On your phone, download the KARMA application and make it your default browser

2. Delete the data from your previous search engine

Get easy access to all the information that search engines such as Google have on you. → Warning : it may scare you!😱See the tutorial

3. Learn how to protect your data on the Internet

Access tips on how to simply take back control of your privacy and protect yourself from tracking
See KARMA's tuto

Answers to the main questions you may have

Is my personal data shared to other companies?
KARMA does not keep any data about you, your searches or your profile. We do not share nor sell any information on you to other companies.
Why is it better to use KARMA?
KARMA is a search engine dedicated to the protection of biodiversity and animal welfare. We are also concerned about the privacy of our users and the protection of their personal data. By searching on KARMA you drastically reduce the volume of collected data:

- We do not create a user profile to sell your information to other companies
- We do not track you on the web

However, do not forget that you can be tracked by other websites once you leave KARMA, by clicking on one of the results that are displayed. If you wish to limit even more the collect of your data, we guide you here : Protect your Privacy
Who can see my searches?
We do not keep your searching history and we share the terms of your search only with our partner Bing (Microsoft) which is directly implied in the generation of results. When you make the choice to use the search options at your disposal in the menu (by clicking on the Google button for example), we obviously need to transfer your search terms to the supplier concerned.
Which data do you share with Bing?
When you search on KARMA, we transmit some information to our partner Bing : your request, your IP address (an identification number assigned to your device connected to the Internet), your user agent (which includes the operating system of your computer, your browsing language, the version and browser you use to search the internet), and some of your settings such as your country or selected language. These data are what provides you with effective and accurate research results. We also activate by default the personalized search option. This means that we provide a unique identifier to our partner Bing. With this option, Bing adapts and improves your search results based on your search history. However, you can always turn off this option in your settings. To learn more about Bing privacy policy, check this page
Why do you use cookies?
Cookies are small text file that the website you visit sends to your computer, mobile or tablet, and they allow us to save your preferences when using KARMA. We do not use these data for anything other than the quality of our service.The information stored is the following :

- The number of searches you conducted on Karma to display it on your Karma counter
- Your search and language settings
- Your adult content filtering settings
- Your unique Bing ID
- Your preference between light and dark mode

As you can see, we do not store any personal data in our cookies.
How are advertisement generated on KARMA?
When you search on KARMA, we display ads related to this search.If you search “blue shirt”, we will display, among the results, offers from advertisers offering blue shirts. However, these ads will not show again during your next search or on other websites.
How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter or the KARMA account ?
You can unsubscribe from our email communications very easily by clicking on “unsubscribe” at the end of any of our emails.If you have any question or request about your data, you can contact us at and we’ll get back to you shortly

For more details, please check Brave Search privacy policy.