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By searching the web...

KARMA lets you search the web just like your current search engine.

You generate money...

Sponsored links are displayed on the results pages just like on your current search engine.

You generate money
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that is redistributed to our partners!

KARMA uses revenue to fund its non-profit partners unlike your current search engine.

Install the KARMA extension to search the web


You can configure your browser manually to set KARMA as your default search engine.

Discover how it works
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By using to KARMA as your search engine, you are taking conscious action and creating a movement

From little things, big things grow or as the French expression goes: small streams make big rivers.
Every search you do online generates revenue as sponsors pay for their links to be displayed in your search results.
Large search engines make billions from this. KARMA is small and just beginning our journey, but we put this same revenue towards biodiversity and animal welfare projects. Those amounts will become significant as we grow. We donate to organizations that take concrete actions, from rewilding land and creating sanctuaries to lobbying for legislation to protect animals and the environment. You can support their amazing work for free just by using KARMA for your daily searches.

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Feel right at home

KARMA uses the same best-in-class algorithms as other leading search engines so you can find what you’re looking for in a snap. We promise you'll love it!



Your data is not for sale

KARMA doesn’t use your search queries to create a profile of you or to track you on the web.



Climate matters

KARMA uses technology to minimize CO2 emissions. We offset any excess emissions using trustworthy offset programs and are working on becoming net zero in the years to come.

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KARMA is here for the long haul

Read KARMA’s roadmap to learn where we stand and where we’re heading

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