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Not 1, not 10 but 100% of KARMA's profits are dedicated to the protection of Life!



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Protect biodiversity and defend the animal welfare

KARMA uses the revenues generated by your internet searches to finance associations that target their actions on the root of the problems

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The Learn & Act module offers a news feed with resources for everyday information on the biodiversity crisis and the animal cause, and ways to take action!

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Climate change

Contribute to the fight against global warming

Promoting biodiversity is the most effective way to fight against climate change on our planet. KARMA is a signatory of the Climate Act and publishes its carbon footprint.

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No ad tracking, no selling of your personal data, no profiling of our users - KARMA respects your privacy.


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KARMA uses the best algorithms to deliver fast, accurate results and features to make your life easier. Test it and take part in the protection of Life!

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What if your internet searches could be used to save biodiversity?

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If 1% of Google users decide to take advantage of KARMA, it will fund more than a billion dollars a year to protect life

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100% of the profits will go towards the mission of protecting life

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